Maheshwari family to face life’s low point

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Sumi got her son finally, and Adarsh and Parineeta’s truth is exposed. Adarsh had been blackmailing Ragini and holding her responsible for Parineeta’s death. Ragini obeyed to all his commands fearing that he will kill her little brother, and feels guilty of Parineeta’s death. However, Swaragini finds out the truth about Parineeta being alive, and was helping Adarsh in his crimes. Adarsh manages to get Maheshwari house transferred on his name, and kicks Maheshwari family out of house.

Annapurna requests Adarsh to let them stay in the house, but he refuses to let anyone stay in the house and asks everyone to go. Dadi has been helping them and her truth is revealed to everyone. Shekhar refuses to forgive her and ends ties with her. Maheshwari family takes shelter at Gadodia house. Sumi gets her son back and comes home with her family and Maheshwari family. The rich Maheshwari family has the tough task to stay in a small house of Baadi.






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