BhadraKaali and Sahastra Raavan’s epic war in Siya Ke Ram

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Sita will be seen as BhadraKaali avatar. Sita was always seen in calm and composed lady, but now she has come to kill Raavan and end injustice done with all the women. Sahastra Raavan has come to face BhadraKaali’s anger. After Vibhishan tells Ram about the way to kill Raavan, that’s by shooting exactly at his navel, Ram kills Raavan, knowing about the big secret of Amrit Kalash placed in Raavan’s navel. Ram shoots Raavan at his navel and ruins the Amrit Kalash, which marks the end of Raavan. Ram succeeds to end Raavan’s immortality.

The moment Raavan dies, Sahastra Raavan appears there in the battle ground. When Sahastra Raavan strikes Ram, Sita gets into BhadraKaali’s avatar. Kaikesi has created Sahastra Raavan by conducting a big yagya. Sahastra Raavan has thousand heads and arms equipped all forms of weapons. While Ram could not kill Sahastra Raavan, Sita protects Ram by taking Kaali’s avatar.

Sita kills Sahastra Raavan by becoming Kaali. Sita is equally powerful as Ram and ends Adharm. Sita has many forms. She has Gauri’s avatar when she is with Ram and takes Kaali’s avatar when she has to kill Raavan. BhadraKaali has ten hands and weapons – Trishul, sword, gada and sticks. There will be big fight between BhadraKaali and Sahastra Raavan, just like Ram and Raavan’s Dharm Yudh.

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