Raman and Ishita’s perfect coordination


Raman makes coffee for Ishita and drops the cup on Ishita’s papers. Raman planned to spoil the papers. Ishita is busy making presentation and did many mistakes. Raman does not show her mistakes as she will get discouraged. Raman intentionally drops coffee on papers and made her helpless to prepare a new presentation. Mihir and Adi get worried, and help out Ishita in making new presentation. Raman too motivates her that she can do her best. Raman is not worried for his business, but does not want Ishita to lose.

Mihir tells Ishita that getting 50% higher profit is just impossible task to achieve. Adi too gives his input. Ishita and Mihir are in pressure. Ishita wants to prepare good presentation to convince investor Singhal to fund the project. Ishita later understands why Raman made coffee fall and shown her mistakes indirectly. Ishita thanks Raman for his support and rectifies the errors. The show got interesting with the role reversal track, with sensible and sweet scenes of IshRa.


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