Rishi declares to marry just Tanu


Rishi comes to have breakfast with entire family, which makes everyone happy. His family asks him to get married. Rishi agrees to marry. He keeps a condition and asks about the girl. His dad tells him that girl is one in a million. Rishi tells his dad that he will marry if Tanu comes back. The family gets shocked. His parents are worried for him and wants him to settle. Rishi leaves from the breakfast table. Rishi’s kundli dosh has returned. His mother wants some girl to marry him and take his Kaal on herself. Tanuja holds Rishi’s hand and saves him from a bad incident. Rishi and Tanuja meet in office and the romance track will be interesting to see.

Tanuja is taking care of Rishi’s Biji, but Rano is taunting her a lot. Rano asks Tanuja to go home and find some job. Tanuja gets insulted. Biji has high fever and Tanuja sits by Biji’s side. Rishi is stuck in traffic and worried for Biji. He wants to reach home soon. Biji gets fine and thanks Tanuja. Rano tells Biji that she will take care of Biji, and asks Tanuja to go. Rano is afraid that Rishi can get trapped by Tanuja and tries sending Tanuja away soon.


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