Anika and Shivay’s dinner date gets a surprising entry


Anika and Shivay’s cute moments will be seen more often now. Omkara and Rudra decide to make Shivay turn friendly with Anika. They think this can get possible when Shivay understands Anika as a person, not an employee. Omkara and Rudra plan everything to surprise the duo. They arrange a dinner date for Anika and Shivay. Omkara asks Shivay to interact with Anika, and knows Anika will not be quiet from her side. Shivay and Anika reach the venue and meet up. Anika’s non stop chattering fills the space always.

They start a conversation to know each other, and just then Shivay’s ex girlfriend Mallika walks in. Anika gets to know another SSO. The new entry of Mallika would influence Anika. Anika started realizing Shivay’s good heart. Would Shivay stop doubting on Anika and bond with her? Omkara and Rudra still put efforts to turn Anika and Shivay into good friends. It has to be seen how the brothers bring peace in Shivay’s life by ending his fights with Anika.


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