Swaragini determined to save Durga Prasad’s life

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Durga Prasad gets a heart attack after Dadi, Parineeta and her mum Sulekha insult his family. He couldn’t see his family members insulted and suffers a heart attack. Ragini, Swara along with others get shocked and rush him to the hospital, where in he is shifted to ICU. The new enemy Parineeta bribes the doctors and staff not to treat Durga Prasad properly. Swara and Ragini come to know about this and ask Parineeta why she is doing this, when she got all the property on her husband’s name. Parineeta talks about revenge and asks them to apologize to her by falling on her feet. Ragini and Swara feel helpless, but don’t lose strength. They determine to save Durga Prasad’s life anyhow.

Hospital authorities ask them to deposit the money. Laksh and Sanskar come to Maheshwari house to talk to Adarsh and take monetary help for Durga Prasad’s hospital expenses. Adarsh has sealed their bank accounts, so they don’t have any money. When they tell him that they need to pay money in hospital, Adarsh agrees to give money and signs on the cheque, then tears it off shocking them. Adarsh refuses to help and give money. Laksh and Sanskar get angry on him. Adarsh beats Sanskar and Laksh. Laksh and Sanskar beat him up.

Sumi, Swara and Ragini try to manage money somehow. Sumi tells Ragini that she thought to keep her ancestral ring mortgaged. Ragini refuses to let her take this step. Later on, Swara and Ragini make a plan using a fish to teach a lesson to Dadi. They keep fish outside Dadi’s house. Dadi steps out of house and accidentally touches it. She gets shocked and feels that she have become impure.






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