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Naira and Kartik are coming closer while it is raining. Kartik holds a big leaf on Naira’s head to protect her from rain. Their slow romance begins as they have an eye lock. They are lost in jungle….It is the real romantic moment between them. Naira couldn’t see Kartik getting drenched in rain and brings ‘leaves umbrella’ made by her to save him from water. Both of them are in love, but need to confess. They were celebrating Ananya’s birthday at a resort. They were playing treasure hunt game in the resort and steps out of the fence and land in risky jungle. They meet each other in jungle and will find way back to resort together.


Raman and Ishita go for a special date. They have a dance. Raman surprises her with beautiful date arrangements. He showers flowers on her and hugs her. They have a candle light dinner and feed food to each other. Its been seven years for them to unite. They both wanted to talk and spend some time at Ishita’s clinic. Adi calls Raman and tells him that Shagun is getting Pihu there. Raman gets angry knowing Shagun is spoiling their plan. Raman and Ishita hide all the decorations and do not want Pihu to know about them. Ishita makes the clinic like before. Raman asks Ishita to manage everything, and he would leave. Their two dates get cancelled because of Pihu and Shagun.


Harman does not care of Soumya’s truth. He wants to change Soumya and make her know world. He shows the smart phone to Soumya and clicks a selfie with her. He asks her to use smart phone and gifts her. Soumya did not know how to use the phone. Harman feels to give her easy to access phone, and gets a feature phone for her personal use. He asks her to call Nimmi and Surbhi whenever she wants. Harman’s mum wants to know Soumya’s problem. Harman and Soumya’s friendship is starting. Soumya calls Nimmi with her new phone. She misses Surbhi and Nimmi.


Rishabh helps Raina in tying her kurti thread. She asks him not to help, as she can manage it. He tells her he has done this many times and he can tie the thread without seeing her. She asks how can he tie without seeing her. He hugs her and ties the backlace by much difficulty, as he never did that before. He lies to Raina to not let her feel awkward. Romantic song plays in the background.

Jamai Raja:

Mahi wanted to get Satya’s truth out infront of Koel. Koel left Mahi midway so that Mahi can go with Satya. Some goons teased Mahi, and Satya saves her. It starts raining and they both get inside the warehouse. Satya scares Mahi of isolated place. Satya and Mahi get drunk and dance a lot. They take selfies and get emotional. They speak their heart out and become each other’s support. Satya tells about his life’s chapters. Mahi also tells truth about her life.


  1. soguys now @kratikalove isn’t coming back but why? why doesn’t @ekmainaurektu7 listen to the fans because then the TRPs will go down and eventually the show will go off air? But all the kasam fans want to see more sharad and kratika because they’re chemistry is amazing and we love them❤️ we are requesting you @ekmainaurektu7 to get @kratikalove back because she is our real Tanu and will make the show better and the TRPs will rise again❤️❤️ we all love kratika and want her back #wewantkratikaastanu2 #wewantkratikabackinkasam the show is nothing without her please listen to all the fans @ekmainaurektu7 kratika has much better chemistry with sharad and we want to see them onscreen❤️❤️? please bring her back❤️ WE WANT KRATIKA? @ekmainaurektu7
    Im move on from kasam? AND never gonna watch kasam again. Liars( EKTA KAPOOOR AND TEAM KASAM). Lied about Kratikas return. Ruined my happiness

  2. hi
    .totally agree with you .I STOPPED watch kasam when that kratika leave kasam because honest and loyal fan of kratu didu i can’t watch #kasam anymore. and I AM WHATCHING SERIAL ISHQBAAZ THAT serial IS VERY VERY VERY ROMANTIC AND AMAIZING AND EVEN I saw Deepika Padukone (Indian movie actresses ) in serial ISHQBAAZ .if kratika cums back I’ll start watching again otherwise no kasam.
    serial ISHqBAAZ VERY VERY VERY amazing and hot and very very very romantice


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