Jaggi brings new hopes for Modi family


Jaggi is playing with Gulel and hitting the pots. Gopi, Meera and Vidya happily cry seeing Ahem. Gopi hugs her daughters and everything seems to be getting fine. Jigar understands Jaggi is not Ahem. Kokila has got Jaggi home to save Gopi from Krishna. Jaggi’s way of talking makes everyone doubt on him. Krishna and Mansi also agree with Jigar and do not believe that Jaggi is Ahem.

Jigar challenges Jaggi to find Bal Gopal hidden in the three pots and asks him to find Bal Gopal, then he will believe that Jaggi is his brother Ahem. Jaggi guesses and Lord helps him. Jaggi breaks the right pot and Bal Gopal idol lands in Gopi’s hands. Jigar has to believe that Jaggi is Ahem and welcomes him. Meera and Vidya get very happy to Ahem back. Its proved that Jaggi is Ahem infront of everyone.


Mansi tells them that she will never believe this fraudster. Gopi raises hand and slaps Mansi. Krishna, Pramila and Mansi had to leave. Kokila convinced Krishna and made him leave. Kokila then brings out Jaggi’s truth infront of Jigar and family. Gopi tells them the truth and asks family to support them in teaching a lesson to Krishna and Mansi.



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