Rajbeer survives the fatal attack in Kawach


Paridhi supports Rajbeer and consoles him. Rajbeer has got her love once again. They both have a sweet romantic moment of togetherness. Paridhi has been his Kawach once again. They both encourage each other to survive in this tough situation. Paridhi takes care of wounded Rajbeer and heals him with her love. Saudamini’s son Shakti has tried to kill Rajbeer. Shakti does not know Rajbeer survived.

Paridhi has got Rajbeer back home safe. Shakti thinks he has taken his revenge by killing Rajbeer. Rajbeer has planned this to take revenge from Shakti and Saudamini. Rajbeer and Paridhi hug. Shakti comes to Paridhi’s room and she hides Rajbeer. Shakti gets a doubt that someone is there in the room. Shakti asks did she see Natasha. Paridhi tells him that even she does not know where is Natasha, and sends him. Shakti is supporting Saudamini and now they are celebrating for their success. Manjulika will be coming back and their evil powers will increase. It has to been how Rajbeer and Paridhi face the evil trio. Keep reading.



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