Raman unfalteringly wins the cooking competition

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Raman has gone in the cooking competition. Ishita attends the event and encourages him. Shagun is angry seeing Raman. Raman has turned chef for Pihu. He is an all rounder and can do anything for his children. Raman is doing mummy’s role well. Pihu does not like Ishita and Raman did not let Shagun participate. Raman has taken part and tried to cook the best dish to make Pihu win.

Raman’s hand burns while cooking. Ishita and Adi take care of him. Adi gets ice for relief. Ishita asks them to arrange first aid box. Raman gets ointment applied and wears gloves to resume cooking. He gets back in the competition with double energy. Everyone clap for Raman’s determination. Ishita signs Raman about the recipe. Raman makes Chole and wins the cooking competition by defeating all the mummies. Raman fulfills his promise made to Pihu. Raman has worked hard to win the competition. The Bhalla family claps for Raman. Shagun gets jealous seeing Raman and Ishita happy.


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