Swaragini back together against the evil trio


Dadi has accepted that she is with Parineeta and Adarsh, and wants to ruin Maheshwari family. Durga Prasad’s heart attack and his current untreated state is giving tension to everyone. Swara and Ragini are back to aid the family. They go to Dadi’s room and try to open the locker. They both got to know Dadi is playing the tricks. They try to expose Dadi. Dadi comes in the room and the duo hide behind the bed. Swara and Ragini want to get Nani’s ring and steal it from Dadi’s locker.

Dadi can’t be fooled easily. Dadi is ahead of Swaragini and playing smart. Ragini needs money to get Durga Prasad’s treatment done in hospital. Ragini knows Dadi will not give them money, so she has stolen her Nani’s ring to sell it and get money. Swara gets the ring from the locker. Ragini tells her Dadi is coming back, and they flee. Adarsh has snatched all the property, but Swaragini are focusing on Durga Prasad’s operation now. They will fight for their rights once Durga Prasad gets fine.


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