Coffee plays cupid for Abhi-Pragya


Abhi and Pragya are getting closer through coffee. Pragya repairs his guitar strings. Abhi looks at her. Aaliya happens to see Pragya’s from backside. He was recording the song when Pragya reaches there holding coffee mug. Abhi takes his favorite coffee from her and likes the coffee. Pragya wants to spend as much time as possible with him. She was about to go.

Abhi stops her and asks her to give him feedback about the song which he sung yesterday for her, but it was incomplete then. He starts singing song. Just then Abhi’s guitar string tears apart, and Pragya offers help. Pragya joins the broken strings. Abhi gets impressed with her even more. Aaliya couldn’t see her face as it got covered with guitar. Pragya tries to make him get back his memory. Abhi feels connection with Pragya and is falling in love with her slowly. Aaliya will get angry once she comes to know about Pragya’s return in Abhi’s life.


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