Raj Mata to regain her memory; Raja-Rani’s marriage to halt


Rani realizes Raja came hiding in mehendi function and gets shocked seeing him. Rani, Rajmata and Badi Rani maa and everyone is dancing happily by forgetting all the personal rivalry. Rajmata does not remember Badi Rani maa has killed her son. Raj Mata seems to be very happy.

Rani is ready in bridal attire and is about to marry. Jeevan comes to talk to Rani which makes her tensed. Raj Mata hears him. Bindu tells Raja that she knows that his eyes are finding Rani. She forwards her hand asking Raja to make her wear ring. Raja gets angry on Jeevan as he went to bring Rani from room, but she didn’t come with him. Raja gets angry on him and asks what did you do with her. Rani comes then with Raj Mata. Raja and Rani exchange garlands. Bindu does their ghatbandhan. They all are happy. Later, Raj Mata gets flashes of her past and is about to remember everything. There is a twist and the marriage will not happen.


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