Revelations, troubles and twists in Shakti


Preeto sees Maninder talking to a kinner Saya on the road. She wonders what are they talking about and finds out truth. Preeti got to know shocking truth that Soumya is a kinner. Preeto slaps Maninder after knowing the bitter and shocking truth about Soumya. She slaps him repeatedly and holds him responsible for the big betrayal. She thinks her son’s life is ruined after he married a transgender unknowingly. Maninder tells her that he tried to stop the marriage, but unfortunately he couldn’t stop. Preeto makes plan with Maninder and Saya to get rid of Soumya. She decides to send her with Saya when nobody is at home.

Preeto scolds Soumya for the big lie. The entire family got to know Soumya’s truth. Preeto drags Soumya out of the house. Maninder and Saya help Preeto. Maninder asks Saya to take Soumya along. Maninder and Preeto ask the Saya to drag Soumya. Nimmi could not reach to help Soumya. Preeto planned to send Soumya away, and has sent Harman out for work. Soumya is dragged to enter kinner’s world. Will Harman become her savior once again? Keep reading.



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