Adi-Aaliya-Mihir’s love triangle to cause chaos

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Aaliya and Mihir get attacked by goons on the way. Aaliya struggles and gets Mihir to hospital. Aaliya cries and is worried for Mihir. Ishita consoles her. Aaliya shouts about her love and wishes Mihir gets fine. Aaliya tells Ishita that she can’t leave Mihir alone. She asks doctor to treat Mihir well, nothing should happen to Mihir. Mihir is much wounded and taken for surgery. Ishita tells Aaliya that blood units are arranged and asks Aaliya to relax.

Aaliya tells Ishita that she won’t move till Mihir’s operation gets successful. Aaliya confesses her love for Mihir in front of Ishita. Ishita asks her what is she saying. Ishita did not imagine this and gets shocked. Ishita hugs Aaliya and pacifies her. Adi is angry as Aaliya has rejected his love. He gets his anger on his company employee and fires the man from work. Adi is talking badly with everyone again. The worker threatens Adi about the business. Adi misbehaves a lot and kicks worker out of the office. Adi turns rude and egoistic after the heartbreak. How will Ishita manage the situation? Keep reading.






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