Aryan and Aradhya’s emotional moment in Krishnadasi

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Aryan and Aradhya got distanced. They both cry and have an emotional moment. Aryan goes to see moon when its not auspicious time. Aradhya stops him saying its bad omen. They share a moment and realize they are not together. She asks Aryan to marry Shravani, as she is pregnant with Aryan’s child. Aryan asks Aradhya to decide whom will he marry and whom to meet. He asks her to permit him to take a breath. He pulls her away and tells her that even she should not see the moon to avoid bad luck.

They both evaluate the current situation and think what will happen of their relation and lives in future. Aradhya is following her ethics and has sympathy with her sister Shravani. Aryan tells Aradhya that they will lose their happiness. He asks Aradhya not to think about him. She tells him that she has no rights on Aryan now and she is just solving relations. Aradhya tries hard to hide her feelings, but her tears express his feelings. Aryan asks Aradhya how will she forget him and move on with someone else. She asks him not to care for her and think of Shravani.






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