Rani to face a truth storm about Raja’s identity


Raja gets to know something shocking when pandit asks Rani about her parents during the commencement of marrige rituals. Rajmata tells Rani about her parents. Raja has got to know Kaal and Badi Rani Maa’s truth that he has killed Rani’s mum. He scolds Kaal and gets angry.

Badi Rani Maa slaps Raja for his misbehavior. He scolds Kaal for killing Indravardhan Rana ji and making Rani work as maid in the haveli, when Rani is the heir. Raja leaves from mandap. Rani gets scared seeing Raja’s behavior and is clueless about the dramatic developments. Raja doesn’t know how to tell this truth to Rani, how will she react.


Kaal wants Raja not to say truth to Rani and get married. Raja says I m in dilemma to tell Rani or not. Raja will return to mandap and marry Rani by hiding the truth for time being, as he feels sorry for Rani and does not want to lose her love. Rani will get to know entire truth after she lands in her inlaws. Rani will know Raja is Kaal’s son. Will she love Raja as before or hate Raja to be her parents’ murderer’s son? Keep reading.


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