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Tanuja and Rishi have an eye lock while their heads collide. It is Biji’s idea, she wants Rishi to return to his old self. Biji and Tanuja were playing ludo. Tanuja acts like Rishi. Just then Rishi comes and goes in flashback with Tanu. He gets sad and leaves. Biji is happy that love is still alive in his heart.


Sujata curses Adarsh and Parineeta. They are playing tricks to trouble them. Sujata tells Swara that once they get the money, they will free Annapurna and Durga Prasad from their clutches. Swara gives strength to Sujata and tells about Dida’s words that one shall never lose strength. Sanskar gets a call from someone and goes in a hurry after taking blessings from Sujata. Sujata and Swara get hopeful that there is a good news of Sanskar getting a job.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki and Sankara together pray for Bihaan’s safety and show their devotion towards Shiv ji and Ganesh ji. The Lord blesses Bihaan and saves him from Kosi’s evil plan. Bihaan’s life gets spared and Kosi gets Bihaan back home. Thapki will be now facing a bigger and bitter truth, that Sankara is Bihaan’s wife, by the fact that their marriage was done in childhood.


Kamal Narayan makes his way back in Aazaadgunj by Ragini’s help. His entry will be really shocking this time. Chakor has won back Vivaan and Imli’s trust, as the truth of her innocence is revealed by Suraj. Even Suraj is with Chakor in order to get Imli in his life, will they all get together to face Bhaiya ji?


Anjali dances in the bar. Simar reaches there and is shocked seeing Anjali dancing shamelessly in bar. She confronts Anjali and asks why she didn’t think of her family reputation. Anjali asks Simar why you come infront of me again and again to get insulted. She asks why you are interfering in my life. Simar gets angry and slaps her. Anjali tries to slap her back, but Piyush holds her hand. They tell her that they were searching for her all around Mumbai. Simar asks her to come with her. Piyush holds her hand and takes her forcibly with them.





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