High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love


Raja is in tension. Raja comes to know that Kaal and Badi Rani Maa are behind Rani’s parents’ murder. Raja holds himself responsible for their death. There is a twist in the marriage. Raja have seen something which make him feel guilty and rethink of his decision to marry Rani. Raja and Rani are seen taking pheras. Raja fills vermillion on her forehead and makes her wear mangalsutra. Then they take elders’ blessings. Raja is upset though and in dilemma. Rani asks Raja about her sadness. Raja reveals the truth to Rani. Rani gets shocked knowing Kaal and Badi Rani behind her parents’ death and breaks marriage with him. She removes the garland from her neck and walks out with Raj mata.



Sonakshi gets engaged to Ritvik. Dev’s heart cries seeing Sonakshi getting engaged. Sonakshi misses Dev, when he comes there, she sadly looks at him. Ritvik looks on confused and doesn’t know about their break up.


Rishabh teaches bow and arrow to Raina and romancing with her. Raina looks at him. They have argument, but they are together to fight with Brahmarakshas and take revenge for Rakhi’s death. Rishabh and Raina are falling in love with each other slowly. Raina will go to face Brahmarakshas in bridal attire. In the night, when Rishabh and Raina are leaving home to get married, Mohini gets doubtful and asks where is he going at night. Rishabh makes an excuse. Raina hides. Later, they go to cave and get married with all rituals, inviting Brahmarakshas.

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant:

Shaan finds green liquid in Rajni which is jamming her parts. He takes out her food pouch and finds the chemical. He shares his concern with Dev and tells that he doesn’t know who made her drink this. Rajni says I can explain. She informs them that Bubbles and Amartya have made her drink it saying it is a Prasad. Shaan says it is not Prasad, but a chemical which is astonishing. Shaan is rectifying her glitches. Amartya is doubting that Rajni is a machine and that’s why made her drink chemical. It is interesting to see Shaan clearing Amartya’s doubts.


Jaggi brings fresh milk for Sona’s kids. Actually, Sona brought tetra pack milk for her kids. He says he has brought two cows and asks them to have fresh milk, and make whatever they can. Jigar comes to Gopi and tells that he has mortgaged home with Mansi. He says when I returned her money, she refused to return our house. He says I didn’t know that she is doing this for revenge. He says where we will go now. Jaggi asks Jigar to come to his house. Gopi gets angry on Jaggi and asks him to think before saying. Jaggi says your problem is that you people stretch any topic a lot, and asks her to take a decision. Now, Modi family has to vacate the house.



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