Shagun and Ishita’s cat fight over Aaliya and Mihir

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There is a cat fight between Ishita and Shagun. Aaliya takes care of Mihir as he is in hospital and makes him eat food. She then hugs him infront of Ishita and Shagun. Mihir is uncomfortable seeing Aaliya’s gestures for him. Everyone is happy seeing Mihir out of danger zone. Doctor informs hat they shall let Mihir stay in hospital for some more days. Raman insists to take him home and promises to take care of him. Mihir gets discharged from the hospital. Aaliya wants to be with him. Shagun supports her.

Ishita gets angry on Shagun, as she is supporting Aaliya and not thinking about Adi’s love. Aaliya tells Ishita that she loves Mihir and wants to be with him. Ishita slaps her and tells that it is just her infatuation. Shagun hears them. Ishita tells Shagun that she is not against about Mihir and Aaliya’s relation because of their age difference, but because Shagun wants to trouble the family through them. Shagun confesses that she wants to ruin her by using Aaliya. Will Aaliya go against Ishita? Keep reading.






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