Manpreet to fall in big trouble posed by eunuchs


Manpreet Pavaniya is actually a girl, but living a life of a boy, unknown to the truth of his gender because of his mother’s lie. Amba has lied that Manpreet/Mannu is a male child, to save her life and also her children’s. She was afraid her inlaws will kill her family if she did not give them an heir. Mannu is going to become the next Shah, as his late father Charan Pavaniya. Mannu gets to know about the deep rooted rivalry between Pavaniya and Bajwa clans, because of which Charan and Lala ji died.

Mannu still wants to keep friendship with Raj Bajwa, his classmate and good friend, despite knowing their families are enemies. Raj takes Mannu to their secret shade where they can meet and spend friendly time. Mannu likes the silence environment in the woods.

A kinner/eunuch runs away with a little boy, while the villagers hunt for the kinner to save the boy from her. The kinner aims to get little boys of their community to her group, feeling the little kids with gender defects belong to their community. She comes across Mannu and Raj, and gets to hear that Mannu has all the habits of a girl. She suspects Mannu to be a little kinner, and decides to take Mannu to her group. On the other hand, Amba meets the disease stricken Daima and takes her to city hospital for treatment. Daima is adamant to tell Mannu’s truth to Jagan and Deena. Amba stops Daima from revealing the truth. Jagan spots Amba at the hospital, and gets doubtful. Mannu’s gender truth seems too close to be revealed. Mannu is unaware of the shocking developments around. Will the kinner succeed to kidnap Mannu? Keep reading.




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