Riya to open up a wedding-planning company


Shanti is too stressed seeing the financial difficulties at home. Shivam has hidden about losing his job, so that none gets tensed about the situation. But, Shivam and Riya are often misunderstood by elders at home. Shanti finds Shivam irresponsible when she knows about his unemployment. She takes Raghav along and shows Shivam playing cricket with his friends. Little do they know that Shivam played to earn some decent amount to pull some expenses and lessen the burden off the family.

Raghav slaps Shivam and gets very disappointed. Shanti pressurizes Shivam to take a government job, so that it stays secure. Shivam refuses for doing such job. Kaushalya blames Riya for the changes in Shivam. Kaushalya feels Shivam turned disobedient because of Riya’s support, as the couple does what they wish and does not care for family. Shanti and Raghav leave for spiritual trip to Haridwar to pray for the family’s prosperity and happiness. Shanti asks Sarla to manage the house in her absence.


Sarla lands in Shanti Sadan and starts troubling everyone, trying to steal some cash and also items to sell off. Riya sees Kaushalya in much tension and promises to make Shivam as obedient and cheerful as before. Kaushalya does not permit Riya to do any job. The tax authorities come with a notice and ask them to pay the house tax on time, else prepare to see the auction of Shanti Sadan. This creates big tension at home. Riya thinks of supporting the family financially, and comes up with an idea of wedding planning. Riya decides to earn money and opens a wedding planning company along with Nimmi. How will Shanti react to this? Keep reading.



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