Tension prevails as Mihir and Adi’s bond breaks


Aaliya has become a problem for Raman’s company. Raman’s workers start a strike and tell Raman that they will not work till Adi apologizes to them. Raman does not let Adi apologize and scolds the union head. Raman knows what is Adi going through and defends his son. Union leader speaks badly with Raman. Raman’s mood spoils and he angrily throws things in his office. Ishita comes to office and calms down Raman.

Adi fights with Mihir over Aaliya and is very much angry. Aaliya has come between the Mihir and Adi and ruined their strong bond they shared. Adi gets confronting towards Mihir for cheating him. Mihir tries to explain, but in vain.


Shagun has created this confusion in Adi’s mind to increase the troubles. Ishita and Raman are worried, and think to talk to Mihir. Ishita talks to Mihir and tells about managing Aaliya’s love for him. Adi has increased tension for Raman. Mihir asks how did Aaliya think that he loves her, and is worried thinking how to explain Aaliya that there is no such feelings from his side. He fears Aaliya’s heartbreak and her reaction.


  1. What the hell is this? “Aliya became a problem for Raman’s company”, seriously? Wasn’t it Adi who slapped a worker and started all this?
    “Aaliya has come between the Mihir and Adi and ruined their strong bond they shared.”, really? Their bond was weak if it broke that easily. I can’t understand how Aliya loved Mihir but she didn’t “create” all these problems. It’s Adi’s reaction to Aliya’s rejection that’s creating all these problems.


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