Cute moments for Raja and Rani


Raja and Rani got married, but are not able to meet. Raj Mata does not let them meet. Jeevan has come back in their lives. Rani wakes up at night and silently goes to meet Raja. She gets shocked seeing Jeevan. Jeevan has got mad and tells Rani that he will not let Raja win her. Rani says there is no possibility, I love Raja. Raja and Rani can’t unite after marriage because of Jeevan and Bindu. Bindu and Jeevan can plan together to make Raja and Rani away.

Post marriage, Bindu has started distancing Raja and Rani. Even then, Raja and Rani’s sweet romance started. Raja comes from bath and goes to take his clothes from cupboard. Rani comes out of the cupboard and laughs on him. Rani starts hitting naughty comments on him. He asks her to leave from room and not tell anyone. Rani laughs a lot. Raja smiles seeing Rani laughing. Raj Mata explains Rani about the traditions of Rajmahal. She asks Rani to cook nine types of food. Bindu comes and Rani feels something is odd. It has to be seen how Rani manages everything to throw the grand feast.



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