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Ganesh Utsav is celebrated. Ganesh is welcomed by Bedi family. Rishi and Manpreet get the idol and place the idol. The idol gets slipping, and Tanuja holds it on time, thus placing idol along with Rishi. Rishi and Tanuja do the aarti together. Rishi is not angry on her and Tanuja gets confused seeing his behavior. Rishi is missing Tanu and sees Tanu in Tanuja. Same happenings make him feel Tanu’s presence around him. Rishi feels Tanuja is similar to Tanu, and noticed many things. When Biji says Tanuja has Tanu’s soul in her, Rishi finds strong similarities between Tanu and Tanuja. He keeps an eye on Tanuja.


Suraj and Vivaan will be dancing and welcoming Ganesh ji. Everyone do the aarti together. Imli has become reason for Suraj’s drinking habit. Suraj loves Imli and enters the pandal. asking Vivaan to celebrate happiness as he has everything now. Chakor and Imli love Vivaan. Suraj’s anger towards Vivaan will be slowly increasing.


Soumya’s mangalsutra is snatched and her sindoor is wiped off. Soumya requests them to alteast agree to one of her saying and let her keep mangalsutra. Saya tells Soumya that the mangalsutra will make her remember Harman and that’s why it is better to throw it. Her identity is snatched from her. It’s a new world for Soumya. Guru Maa says you have stepped in new life and you should have a new name. They are celebrating that a new girl has joined their community. They give her the name Tarana.





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