Ram’s coronation and big twist lined next


Ram and Sita’s return in Ayodhya is celebrated in a grand way. The happiness is returning in Ayodhya, after everyone get together happily to grace the grand welcome ceremony. Ram’s coronation is finally completed in the Rajya Sabha. Ram sits on the throne after getting crowned as Ayodhya’s king. Ram announces to the people that he will now devote all his life for their welfare.

Ram’s speech is much appreciated by the Praja, except a commoner. A Dhobi expresses his disagreement over Ram’s speech. He asks Ram how could his wife Sita become Ayodhya’s queen, after staying at another man Raavan’s place for so long. The Dhobi raises the questions on Sita’s purity and asks for a justification from Ram.


Another twist in the show will bring the good news in Ram and Sita’s life. Sita breaks out the news to Ram that he is soon going to become a father. Everyone happily hug Sita and is very excited for the new member. But, the fate has something else written for Ram and Sita.


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