Shivay and Anika’s Dhinchak Dance in Ishqbaaz


Mallika comes up with the idea to plan a get together to sort our Shivay and Tia’s misunderstandings, which evolved because of her. Omkara, Rudra, Soumya and Anika too put in their efforts to unite Billu ji Shivay and Lady Baba Tia. But Tia does not turn up for the party. Anika arranges the snacks for the party. Rudra spikes the soft drinks to have some extra fun in the party. Shivay does not wish to eat anything and asks for just plain water. Rudra does not allow him to have water, and rather hands over the punch/drink.

Shivay and Anika get drunk by the wine added by Rudra in the punches. They both lose their senses and dance on the Dhinchak song played by the DJ. They dance weirdly, and show a friendly bond, forgetting all their differences. Anika is a great dancer and loves such songs, but Shivay too shows his great dancing skills. They dance on Paan banaras wala….. and eat sweet betel while dancing. The get together was meant for Tia, but got Anika and Shivay together. It has to be seen how Shivay reacts after getting back to his senses and knowing of his bindaas dance with Anika.


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