Abhi and Pragya’s melodious duet

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Abhi tells everyone that everyone has given him enough love, but his number one fan Pragya is with him. Pragya refuses to go on stage being scared. Abhi asks her not to worry and sing, he is with her. He encourages her to sing. Pragya holds the mic and closes eyes. She sings from her heart. Abhi is launching his song on Ganesh Utsav. Abhi and Pragya sing at the concert. Pragya shares the stage with him and sings Tum hi ho along him. Abhi and Pragya rock the event. Pragya looks at him and smiles.

Abhi and Pragya’s togetherness will be seen. Pragya was happy to sing with Abhi, as she does not get time to spend with Abhi. Abhi gets to know Pragya has stage fright, and wants to help her to fight this fear, that’s why he takes her to stage. Abhi was prepared that his song will play, but a Bhojpuri song plays. Abhi gets shocked and the romance gets a break. He thinks Pragya did not do her responsibility well and gets annoyed with her. Pragya gets nervous and shocked to know about the song change. Abhi leaves Pragya alone on the stage and leaves unhappily. Such small misunderstandings happen between them, but Abhi will come back to Pragya after knowing the truth.






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