Kratika to return by Tanuja’s plastic surgery twist

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Rishi was angry on Tanuja knowing she is Sandy’s daughter, and Sandy has killed Tanu. Rishi has seen Tanuja and her uncle in park. He thought to confront Tanuja. He goes to Tanuja after aarti ends. During Ganpati aarti, there was a big accident. There is same fire and same death angle for Rishi and Tanuja. The house caught the fire and Rishi got inside the fire trap. Everyone of his family just keep watching and does not go inside to save him.

Tanuja has gone to save Rishi and pushes him when the fire was reaching him. Even Rishi struggles to save themselves. He does not leave her alone in fire, as she has come there to save him. They both save each other from fire. A pillar falls over Tanu’s face and she faints. Tanuja gets all the old memories seeing Rishi in this situation. She recalls Rishi and Tanu’s love story. Tanu’s face gets damaged while saving Rishi. She will be given Tanu’s face by plastic surgery and this way, Kratika will be brought back in Kasam.






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