Ishqbaaz’s Post party effects turn more entertaining


After the cool party at Oberoi mansion, everyone is confronted by Pinky and Jhanvi about the last night party. No one knows what actually happened and do not remember anything. Anika and Shivay forget about their dance and are asked to answer about their togetherness at the pool side. Anika and Shivay do not know what to answer Pinky. Shivay and Anika’s dance and everything gets recorded in the phone.

Shivay, Rudra, Omkara, Anika and others are shocked to learn that their drunk activities have been captured on a camera. They worry on realizing that the entire family is about to view the recording and their stupid doings. Anika and Shivay get together to stop others from watching the camera footage. Meanwhile, Gayatri and Roop crack the code and succeed in finding the locker code.Tia posts all the party photos on her social media account page. The world gets to know about Mallika, Siddharth’s runaway bride, residing at her ex-boyfriend Shivay’s house. What will Shivay do to secure Mallika? Keep reading.


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