Kamal Narayan hatches a plan against Suraj


The doctor informs everyone that they could not save Imli’s child, and Imli survived by their prayers. The family gets stunned and mourn for Imli’s child. Vivaan is shattered and Chakor tries her best to pacify him.

Suraj gets in shock that he lost his child. Chakor asks Vivaan to take care of Imli, be by her side and also tell her about the bad news. Imli needs Vivaan, but Vivaan does not have courage to face her. Chakor encourages Vivaan to go and meet Imli.


Later, Vivaan goes to Imli and tells her that she has lost her child. Imli gets a huge shock and does not believe him. She refuses to accept this truth. Sooraj decides to take away Imli with him and heal her sorrows with his love. Chakor stops Suraj from committing other mistake. Kamal Narayan is all set to come out in open and decides to first settle scores with his son Suraj, who back-stabbed him and tried to get him killed in the jail. He hatches a new plan against Suraj.


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