Fire incident, survival and big twists in Krishnadasi


Aradhya talks to her jail inmate. The lady tells her to be away from the dangerous bad women in the jail. Aradhya thinks what to tell in court, truth can’t hide in jail. Jailer comes and asks Aradhya to have food, as her health will deteriorate. Aradhya agrees to have food as she has to be present in the court. She plans to get out of the jail, but the jail catches the fire. Aryan can’t hold himself seeing the fire and tells inspector that his wife is inside.

Aryan sees Aradhya’s body and breaks down. He sees a woman’s dead body, and identifies Aradhya’s saree. Inspector says her face has totally burnt. Aryan assumes that woman wearing Aradhya’s saree to be Aradhya and shouts. Pradhyumna also comes there after knowing the fire incident news and spots Aradhya. He gets relieved seeing Aradhya alive. He rushes her to hospital. Aradhya will be getting fine and taken back home. How Aradhya saves the family from Shravani’s trap and how the family reacts seeing Aradhya fine will have to seen.




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