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High Five Spoilers

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May I Come In Madam:

The vegetable vendor Birju gets in a King’s disguise and goes to Sanjana’s office. He tells her that a prince is working in her agency as the employee, and that’s Sajan Agarwal. Sanjana gets shocked and asks Sajan to accept the lavish life for which everyone is excited to have. Sajan has created this drama and tells Sanjana that he can never leave this company and such a good madam, as he would have to go to manage his kingdom. Sajan turns into Rajkumar Sajan over night. He tells Sanjana that he has a custom in his Rajgharana that every king should have relation with two women. Sanjana agrees to become his girlfriend, but Dadi comes in Kashmira and beats Sajan.


Imli is depressed and thinks of all the dreams she has weaved for her baby. Suraj truly loves Imli and does not want to break her and Vivaan. He understands that snatching Imli’s love again will be a big sin. He has left Imli free, but became her good friend again. Imli holds his hand and cries. They both bond, and it seems Suraj and Imli can unite again. Vivaan holds Chakor responsible for this incident. Chakor and Vivaan blame each other for planning date and not taking care of Imli well.


Tanuja has got Tanu’s face again. She has got all memories of her last birth and is lucky enough to be around Rishi. Tanuja has come back to Bedi house, as this is the destination of Tanu’s love. How will Rishi react seeing his Tanu again.

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant:

Bubbles Bua has got a groom. Kant family compliment their Jodi. Bua is going to get a big shock, and Rajni informs family about Bubbles going to get high voltage shock. Amartya Mamu hears this and runs to save Bua. Amartya pulls Bua back, and tells her that his electricity phobia is gone now. Surili gets shocked seeing Bubbles Bua with Amartya. She gets disappointed. Rajni planned to make Bubbles and Amartya unite. Rajni tells Shaan that Surili can see her now. The family breaks the new formed couple. Rajni gets against Surili.

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka:

Sanchi has come with Aryan’s family in picnic. Diwakar has chosen a great place for picnic and asks them to try their best to enjoy well. Aryan and Sanchi’s romance will be seen. Everyone play tongue twisters game. Sanchi wins the game. Sanchi bonds with her would be in laws.





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