Picnic fun and wedding preparations in Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka

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Aryan and Sanchi are at the resort and celebrating with family to cut down financial stress. Sanchi has come with Aryan’s family in picnic. Diwakar has chosen a great place for picnic and asks them to try their best to enjoy well. Aryan and Sanchi’s romance will be seen. Everyone play tongue twisters game. Sanchi wins the game. Sanchi bonds with her would be in laws.

Later, Everyone attempt the new sports and show their talent. Sanchi falls in the swimming pool by getting a jerk while playing. Sanchi does not know swimming and struggles. Aryan jumps in the pool and saves her. Aryan proves to be her true life partner. Aryan and Sanchi are going to marry. Wedding planner comes to Sanchi’s house and shows the demo of the decorations and lightning. There will be many turns and twists seen in wedding track.






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