Sanjana agrees to become Rajkumar Sajan Agarwal’s girlfriend

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Sajan has been trying to woo Sanjana and using many tricks to get her in his life. Sanjana regards Sajan as just her employee and good friend. Sajan’s imaginations get more and more sinking with Sanjana’s dreams. After saving Sanjana’s property and sorting her problems, Sajan comes up with a new idea to get Sanjana. He takes his friends Khiloni and Birju’s help to implement his idea.

The vegetable vendor Birju gets in a King’s disguise and goes to Sanjana’s office. He tells her that a prince is working in her agency as the employee, and that’s Sajan Agarwal. Sanjana gets shocked and asks Sajan to accept the lavish life for which everyone is excited to have. Sajan has created this drama and tells Sanjana that he can never leave this company and such a good madam, as he would have to go to manage his kingdom. Sajan turns into Rajkumar Sajan over night. He tells Sanjana that he has a custom in his Rajgharana that every king should have relation with two women. Sanjana agrees to become his girlfriend, but Dadi comes in Kashmira and beats Sajan.






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