Krishna-Mansi’s scheme to expose Jaggi’s identity truth


There is a new problem in Gopi and Jaggi’s lives. Jaggi hides and meets his mother. His mother met with an accident and she is admitted in hospital. Jaggi dressed in burqa comes to meet his mother. Mansi doubts on him and tries to see his face, but fails. Krishna comes in the ward and checks if Jaggi has come there. Krishna and Mansi are trying best to prove Jaggi is not Ahem Modi. They call Jaggi and inform him that his mother died.

Jaggi comes to hospital and cries. He asks doctor to let him cry for his mother’s death. Doctor tells him that his mother is absolutely fine. Jaggi gets to know someone fooled him and this is surely someone’s plan to expose him. He goes to meet his mother and hugs her. Gopi reaches there and tells Jaggi about Mansi and Krishna’s plan. Jaggi hides on time and does not get sighted by Krishna. Gopi tells Jaggi that we got saved this time, and next time we can get caught. Jaggi will not get caught so easily and assures Gopi of his problem solving skills.



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