Raina turns bait to trap BrahmaRakshas


Aparajita has tied Raina and is doing some black magic. Raina is captive at the cave and BrahmaRakshas comes there. Raina is dressed as the bride and is worried that Aparajita’s plan has workout to fool BrahmaRakshas. Aparajita has applied blood mehendi to Raina and made Raina wear her bridal dress and jewelry to provoke Sanjay Thakur/BrahmaRakshas. Raina is kidnapped this time.

Aparajita has kidnapped Raina and is sacrificing her. Rishabh is involved in this plan too. Aparajita tells Raina that BrahmaRakshas will come here for this blood, and then he will lose his life. Aparajita has made solid plan to kill BrahmaRakshas and is using Raina. Raina is tied up and does not know what to do, as BrahmaRakshas will attack her assuming she is Aparajita. Aparajita’s plan fails and she could not trap BrahmaRakshas. Raina gets saved.


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