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Imli takes Suraj’s help in giving happiness to Chakor. Suraj removes Chakor’s mangalsutra and wipes her sindoor, as their marriage is meaningless. Vivaan and Chakor are getting engaged. Imli has done sacrifice of her love and husband. She has given Vivaan to Chakor. Vivaan and Chakor will exchange rings. Chakor has given many sacrifices for Imli till now. Imli feels Chakor and Vivaan should be together. Imli gets away and cries. Chakor does not feel happy and spots Imli’s sadness.


Ragini and Swara slap each other. The sisters are fighting and crying. Ragini asks Swara to give her some money to get Laksh bailed out. Swara does not have money and can’t give anything to Ragini. Ragini gets angry as Swara is not giving her money to save Laksh. Swara slaps Ragini asking her to stop her madness. Ragini gets angry and slaps her back. Adarsh has laid this trap and makes Ragini believe that Sanskar has sold himself to Adarsh and following his orders for the price of 10 crores.


Simar and Anjali have a dance competition in Anjali’s friend’s birthday party. Anjali challenges Simar. Simar wearing a modern dress tries to fit in Anjali’s lifestyle. She accepts challenge and dances well to teach lesson to her daughter. Simar aims to win Anjali and end her hatred. Simar makes Anjali lose to prove she can break her pride. Anjali does not like court rules and Simar accompanying her everywhere. Anjali scolds Simar and throws drink on her face. She asks Simar to stop her lecture. Anjali gets anger out on Simar.


Soumya is on hunger strike and is unable to accept kinner society. Guru Maa has locked Soumya in a room. She is worried that Soumya can fall ill. Soumya is very angry and does not eat anything. Guru Maa finds some way to make Soumya eat food. Guru Maa sends a little girl to Soumya/Tarana. Soumya talks to girl and eats food by her hands. The girl convinced Soumya and ended her hunger strike.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki gives the memory card to Kosi, and gets cheated. John gets to know the truth of Kosi and Naman being his parents. He gets shocked knowing Kosi’s plan to kill Bihaan to get his kidney. John feels cheated by Kosi, whom he always knew as his aunt. He shouts on Kosi and Naman for cheating him till now. Kosi gets revengeful against Thapki and injects poison to Bihaan’s body.





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