Rajni makes Bubbles and Amartya elope

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Bubbles and Amartya have been locked in separate rooms. They ask everyone to get them out. Rajni comes there. Bubbles asks Rajni to free them and do good. She requests Rajni to open the door and asks her to take this as command. Rajni frees them. Bubbles tells Amartya that they will run from home. Rajni makes Bubbles run away with Amartya.

Shaan gets angry and asks Rajni why did she do this. Rajni says you gave me command not to break lock, but I have opened door without breaking lock. She tells him that Bubbles and Amartya have run away, and Shaan did not give her command to stop them. Shaan tells her that they had to unite Bubbles and Amartya, not making them run away. He asks her to scan the road and find them. The family looks for them. Rajni tells the family that she has made them run away. Entire blame comes on Rajni. Rajni has tied floral handcuffs so that no one can separate them. Everyone will understand Rajni did right. Rajni gets Bubbles and Amartya back home.






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