Guru Maa’s open challenge to Soumya in Shakti

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Guru Maa is celebrating to do the baby’s naamkaran. She does the baby’s aarti and names her Deepa. All the kinners start singing. Shakti feels bad. The baby was abandoned by her parents and left outside their house. Guru Maa is including the baby by all rituals in kinner society. Guru Maa was doing Naamkaran of that baby. Soumya could not bear that baby was going to made a kinner and opposed it.

Guru Maa challenges Soumya that if anyone supports her from kinner society, she will return the baby, else Soumya herself will make this girl a kinner. Guru Maa gets very angry on Soumya. Their argument turns big. Saya gets shocked seeing Soumya’s dare. Guru Maa asks Saya not to say anything. Guru Maa was making the orphan baby a kinner. Soumya wanted to leave from the kinner society and now she has taken responsibility of the baby. She wants to leave the baby back to her parents. Guru Maa tells Soumya that she can keep baby and raise her, if she can earn a single vote in her favor. Soumya finds tough to convince anyone. Will Soumya prove Guru Maa wrong? Keep reading.






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