High Five Spoilers

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Jamai Raja:

Satya gets Siddharth’s diary. Sid has written the diary for her son Karan. Satya does not know the secrets of his life. He is trying to stop Mahi’s marriage and tries convincing her to refuse for marriage.

Santoshi Maa:

Dhairya fights with the goons on the streets. Ankur has sent the goons to attack on Dhairya. Santoshi gets to know this. Santoshi sees Ankur there and tries to catch him. Ankur runs away. Santoshi tells Dhairya that the goons were sent by Ankur.


A little baby was going to get accepted in kinner society. Guru Maa was doing Naamkaran of that baby. Soumya could not bear that baby was going to made a kinner and opposed it. Guru Maa challenges Soumya that if anyone supports her from kinner society, she will return the baby, else Soumya herself will make this girl a kinner.


Raman and Ishita attend Pihu’s friend’s birthday party. They get dressed as Charlie Chaplin and Joker, to get disguise. They meet Pihu and spend good time with her. Ishita hugs Pihu and dances with her. Raman lifts Pihu in his lap and hugs her. Raman and Ishita entertain all the kids in the party. They have no other option to meet Pihu. Shagun is not letting them meet Pihu, so that they get remorseful and miss Pihu. Pihu does not recognize them, and happily hugs the joker/Ishita.


Rishabh and Raina are dancing in the celebrations. They are celebrating Brahmarakshas’ death. They have killed the devil and are fearless now. Raina and Rishabh have tashan in eyes for each other. They have an aggressive dance performance, and get closer. Brahmarakshas will not leave them easily and will be back soon, till then they both can live the happy moments.


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