Kosi fails Thapki’s plans once again


Thapki has saved Bihaan and got him home. Pandey family is shocked seeing his state. Vasundara and Bau ji ask Bihaan what happened to him. Thapki says Bihaan is fine now, she will tell them the name of the lady who kidnapped him and was giving him poison. Thapki tells Bihaan that Kosi and Naman have given poison to him. She tells everyone that Naman is Kosi’s husband.

Kosi starts the drama and says I will die, how can Thapki blame me of such thing, will I kill my own son? Kosi is very smart and has her backup plan ready. Kosi was acting to cut her nerve and Bihaan stops her. Kosi wants to kill Bihaan. Kosi’s truth was coming out, but she covers up the secret. She makes Thapki’s plan fails. Bihaan does not agree to Thapki. Inspector comes and tells them that Balwinder’s enemy has kidnapped Bihaan. He tells Pandey family that Kosi and Naman have got this man caught and saved Bihaan’s life. What will be Kosi’s next plan now, and how will Thapki save Bihaan’s life? Keep reading.


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