Meera’s filmy love confession and wedding proposal

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Meera comes to Abhishek’s wedding and proposes him. Abhishek was unhappily marrying Radhika. Abhishek is forced to marry Radhika and sits in mandap with an upset face. Meera lands in the marriage and tells him that she loves him. She confesses her love and commands him to marry her. Abhishek gets shocked. Meera’s love confession and proposal is unique. She scolds Abhishek and asks him to understand her love. She gets hockey stick to beat him.

Meera’s filmi style proposal in her bold style surprises Abhishek. Meera tells beautiful lines and asks Abhishek why did he not make her realize her love before. Abhishek gets too glad to see Meera back. Meera finally understood what she wants in her life. She understood Abhishek is her happiness and is happy to get him in her life. Radhika gets upset seeing Meera and Abhishek. Radhika’s wedding dreams break and she cries. Abhishek also confesses love to Meera and hugs her. They nok jhok starts there. Everyone get shocked seeing the love drama happening in the middle of the marriage function.


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