Ravish and Vividha get married in Jaana Na Dil Se Door


Suman has belief that Ravish will not turn his face away from marriage this time and Vividha’s fate will bring him. Ravish has come home from the army grounds. He has come in army uniform directly as he was getting late for the marriage mahurat. He greets the elders and goes to change.

Suman cries happily seeing him. She blesses Ravish and thanks him for coming to keep her words. He gets dresses as groom and comes in the mandap. Ravish and Vividha get married by all the rituals. Ravish does not know about Vividha’s past. He wants to fulfill his late father’s wish and agreed to marry Vividha being an obedient son. Ramakant had fixed his son’s proposal with Vividha. Ravish keeps Ramakant’s promise and came for marriage. Vividha regards this marriage as a compromise. Vividha has sacrificed her love to save Atharv.



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