TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week


Sasural Simar Ka:

Simar stands in rain and feels cold. Prem runs to her and covers her with his coat. Prem still loves Simar. Prem and Simar got away from Piyush’s birth. Prem knows Simar catches cold soon. Simar realizes Prem’s love. Prem takes her to the tea stall and gives her ginger tea. He forgot all his annoyance seeing Simar in problem.

Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania:

Meera comes to Abhishek’s wedding and proposes him. Abhishek was unhappily marrying Radhika. Abhishek is forced to marry Radhika and sits in mandap with an upset face. Meera lands in the marriage and tells him that she loves him. She confesses her love and commands him to marry her. Abhishek gets shocked. Meera’s love confession and proposal is unique. She scolds Abhishek and asks him to understand her love. She gets hockey stick to beat him.


Lavi tries to attract Raja. Raja has become disloyal, that’s why he has left Rani. Lavi wants to separate Raja and Rani, that’s why see how she is trapping Raja by her beauty. Rani gets shocked seeing Raja with Lavi. Raja sees Rani and leaves Lavi. Rani’s tears don’t stop in her eyes. Rani decided to leave Raja. Rani says she is going to leave him, as he does not respect her, she will come back when he learns to respect her. Rani leaves in anger, but she promised to Raja that if he changes in 15 days time period, she will come back to him. Raja apologizes to Rani. Rani leaves from the haveli.

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant:

Everyone wants to separate Bubbles and Amartya. Rajni is helping them and tied them by the handcuffs. Rajni has the keys. Bubbles asks Amartya to catch the keys and throws it. Amartya digests the keys and laughs, telling Bubbles that no one can separate them now.


Ragini packs her bag. Swara tries to stop her. Ragini doesn’t want to see Swara’s face now. They are against each other now. Ragini is not ready to listen to Swara and is leaving the house. She asks Swara not to talk to her as they are not related now. She ends their relation. Ragini says we did so much to join this relation, and that relation is breaking now. Laksh has come home in injured state. Sanskar could not meet Laksh’s state and feels he is responsible for all this. Sanskar says man loses everything when he has no family. Ragini decided to leave house with Laksh. Swara should stop her, else anyone else can benefit from their fight.


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