Gopi and Jaggi’s plan against Mansi starts working

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Mansi sees Ahem and gets shocked. Ahem gets Mansi’s fav. flowers and acts like ghost. Jaggi has become Ahem and taken Ahem’s exact looks. Jaggi asks Mansi to come to him, he is her Ahem. He has come to celebrate her birthday and gets cake for her. Mansi says I always knew you would always come to me. She is very happy and is surprised seeing Ahem. She does not trust him at first, but Ahem convinces her anyhow. He opens his arms and asks her to come to him.

Jaggi has planned surprise for Mansi, as she is troubling Modi family. He suddenly disappears and ignites fire in her room. Mansi shouts Ahem. Pramila comes there and sees the fire. Mansi tells her that Ahem has come. Pramila asks her did she go mad, and why did she light the fire. Mansi says Ahem has really come here. Pramila says Jaggi is fooling you. Mansi is very much sure and says I have seen Jaggi sitting with everyone downstairs, if you don’t trust me, you can come and see. Pramila worries and asks her not to take stress. She makes Mansi sleep. Mansi is worried and believes Ahem has come back. Gopi and Jaggi’s plan is getting successful.

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