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Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania:

Abhishek’s cousins are very happy after Meera proposed Abhishek. His cousins were trying to stop his marriage with Radhika. But uncle and aunt are trying to separate Abhishek and Meera. Meera has proposed Abhishek. His cousins think what excuse to make to cancel the marriage. Meera’s dad is angry on Meera for her decision. He asks her to stop all this and come with them. Meera’s mom and sister are supporting Meera’s love. They ask him to see Meera, she is so sure about something in her life for the first time. Meera is very happy and loves Abhishek a lot. Her family eventually understands her. Will Abhishek be able to marry Meera?


Chakor is very happy and gets ready to meet Vivaan at the shade, where they meet always. She wears Vivaan’s favorite color dress. She has taken her old look and is excited to meet him. Happiness has returned in her life. She makes a bouquet for Vivaan to please him. Vivaan is tensed to tell Chakor that he loves Imli. Will Vivaan break Chakor’s heart?

Kumkum Bhagya:

Purab is going away for work purpose and comes to meet Sarla and Pragya. Everyone get emotional and hug him. Purab is preparing to go to Delhi. Actor Arjit Taneja is leaving the show. Tanu is happy to spend time with Abhi. She tells Aaliya that Abhi has taken care of her, and spoke well with her. Tanu shares her happiness with Aaliya. There will be big twist. Abhi’s memory will come back. Abhi’s memory loss drama will be revealed in front of everyone, Pragya’s grah pravesh will happen again and then no one can separate Pragya and Abhi’s Kumkum Bhagya.


Raja’s mum meets Rani and asks her to come home. Raja’s mum has taken Teej shagun for Rani at her hostel. Rani accepts the shagun. Rani has kept the Teej fast and came to Raja’s place. Rani sees the party going on. Raja sings the song and dances with other girls. He makes Rani jealous. Rani feels bad as Raja is hurting her heart. Rani goes to tell something important to Raja. He pulls her close and dances with Rani. They have a romantic moment.


Ishita and Abhishek interrogate Adi. Ishita makes Adi swear on her and asks him to say the truth. Adi accepts the truth that he did not do this crime, he did not throw acid on Aaliya. Ishita tells Adi that she always trusted him. Adi names Ruhi as the culprit. He tells Ishita that Ruhi has dressed as Ruhaan and went to attack on Aaliya. Adi and Ishita are sure that Ruhi can never do this.





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