Anika decides to take Shivay’s place for Ganpati Visarjan

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Everyone try to convince Shivay for coming for Visarjan. Shivay refuses to go and tells Bappa that their devotion is same, but Bappa did not fulfill the deal. Shivay gets into an argument with Tia. He is hurt as he is failing to bring Tej and Shakti home. Dadi asks Anika to convince Shivay. Anika explains Shivay, which annoys Tia. Tia questions Dadi over asking Anika to talk to Shivay. Dadi tells Tia that maybe Shivay will change his decision. Shivay contacts big lawyers to get Tej and Shakti out.

Shivay senses Anika coming to him. Anika politely explains him that Lord is too far and everyone appear equal to Lord. She tells Shivay that she will do visarjan instead him. Her words strike him. She tried hard to convince him to do the Visarjan being the eldest son. She regards him as Ram of Oberoi family, and Omkara and Rudra as Bharat and Laxman. When Shivay does not turn up, Anika and all the women of Oberoi house decide to do Ganpati Visarjan this year. Will Shivay come for the Visarjan? Keep reading.






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