Abhishek and Meera’s marriage marks the end of Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania

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After Meera’s crazy love proposal infront of the families, in the middle of the marriage function, Abhishek has finally got his lady love. Abhishek’s cousins get to know Meera’s dreams and try their best to put in as many efforts as they can to please Meera and welcome her in the Pant Family. Meera has realized her love and wanted to marry Abhishek. Both Abhishek and Meera’s dreams are getting fulfilled now.

Abhishek is marrying Meera. Meera gets dressed as the bride and marrying Abhishek. Meera’s father has also given his consent for the marriage. Abhishek has finally got his Dulhania. Abhishek and Meera have faced many twists. The family gets Meera till the mandap, by holding the lighting dupatta over her head. The marriage is different and very much pleasing. The flowers shower on Meera. Meera holds an umbrella and is happy that her marriage is happening as per her dream of having a Japanese wedding. The marriage track will mark the end of a sweet love story. The show is going to end on 7th October and will show the happy ending with Abhishek and Meera’s union.


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