Adi-Aaliya’s love story to begin: Families to oppose…


Adi comes to Raman and defends Aaliya. Adi and Raman get into an argument. Adi tells Raman that its Mani’s mistake, and Raman can’t punish Aaliya for it. He says Aaliya has fought with Mani because of me, and she has been bearing so much after acid attack. Raman asks Adi to get out. Adi takes Aaliya’s side as Raman’s anger was not justified. Raman clears to Adi that if Adi supports Aaliya, then even Adi can also leave his company. Adi and Aaliya love story will be beginning in the upcoming track. Raman and Mani have turned into new enemies, and will be against Adi and Aaliya’s love.

Seeing Raman drinking, Adi feels much sad. Adi sends emotional moments videos to Pihu. He conveys family’s message to Pihu that they all are missing her. They want Pihu to come back home and happiness returns at home.

Raman comes home drunk and crying. Ishita worries seeing his state and is helpless as Mani is not listening anything against Shagun. Raman tells Ishita that Mani is the only one who have broken their trust, as they did not expect anything good from Shagun. Raman and Ishita cry out their pain of getting separated from Pihu. Will Mani favor Ishita in getting Pihu back? Keep reading.



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